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policy statements and other documents

These documents – including policy statements setting out our strategic approach to key corporate issues – are produced by our research and policy team.

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payday lending: pieces of the picture
August 2014

Financial Ombudsman Service insight report

charging for our work

a preliminary consultation paper (January 2012) on changing our case fee arrangements from 2013 – with a feedback statement (July 2012)

publishing ombudsman decisions: next steps

this discussion paper (published in September 2011) looks at the practical issues and next steps involved in publishing ombudsman decisions – following government proposals for the legislative change to underpin this approach (with a summary of responses published in January 2012)

our strategic approach to accessibility and transparency

these policy statements set out decisions of principle that our board made in July 2008 – following a review (including an independent report by Lord Hunt of Wirral) resulting in a wide range of projects and initiatives, updated each year in our annual review

publication of complaint data: what we will do

this document summarises the comments we received in response to our earlier discussion paper on publication of complaint data: next steps – and sets out the decisions that our board has made on publishing complaint data relating to individual financial businesses

"retail distribution review": ombudsman implications

this document sets out the ombudsman service's position in relation to the FSA's "retail distribution review" (RDR)

our response to FSA's discussion paper on "consumer responsibility"

this document sets out the ombudsman service's response to FSA's discussion paper DP08/5