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our senior team

resolving cases

  • Tim Archer (director of new services)
  • Tracy Campbell, head of property
  • Paul Fleming, head of operational performance
  • Mark Gee, chief technology officer
  • Nathan Horner (lead ombudsman & director of PPI casework)
  • Pat Hurley (lead ombudsman & director of banking, credit and mortgages casework)
  • Charlie Sweeney (lead ombudsman & director of PPI casework)
  • Paul Whiteing (lead ombudsman & director of insurance and investment casework)
  • Paul Kendall, head of our consumer helpline
  • Caroline Wells, head of customer experience and insight

our stakeholder team

  • David Bainbridge, head of external relations (local and market affairs)
  • Lee Betts, head of stakeholder enquiries
  • Phillipa Cook, head of planning and resource
  • Debbie Enever, head of external relations (government, regulator and media)
  • Mike Harris, head of insight and content
  • Alison Hoyland, board secretary

finance and performance team

  • Marcus Brissenden, financial controller
  • Andrew Mercer, head of business information
  • Paul Mills, head of risk and governance
  • Caroline Wood, chief of staff
  • Talal Barkatali, head of strategic finance

HR and organisational development

  • Claire Smith, head of HR and organisational development
  • Becky Willis, head of HR and organisational development
  • Kelly Thompson, head of HR support
  • Michelle Phooko, head of learning, talent and resourcing
  • Lara Coetzer Revelant, head of HR change
  • Melanie Buchanan, head of reward

legal and knowledge management

  • Yvette Bannister, general counsel
  • Tessa Clark, assistant director (knowledge management)
  • Clare Wilson, head of legal practice